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Dr. Jester


My 12 year old pug's use of his back legs was degenerating at an alarming rate and he began to show signs of dementia (Sundowners).  A co-worker, who also had a pug, suggested that I take Otto to Dr. Jester because acupuncture was working for her dog.  
I was skeptical, but I was willing to try anything!!  Although Otto was not fond of the needles at first, I definitely saw improvement in his mobility and I could tell that he felt better!!  I think Otto eventually enjoyed going to Dr. Jester's because he would settle down right away and would let her insert most of the needles with no extra bribing (treats) required!!
Dr. Jester not only provided acupuncture services but was also able to help Otto by recommending holistic ways of treating his Sundowners symptoms, like his anxiety barking and waking up all hours of the night.
I realize that it is an investment in time and money to do acupuncture for your pet.  But Dr. Jester is on the pad with your animal the entire time, and her energy is focused on the treatment -- she only treats one client at a time.  Also, she is a lovely person with a really good heart and can talk about a myriad of subjects!!
I firmly believe that Dr. Jester's acupuncture not only prolonged Otto's life but contributed greatly to the quality of it.  We recently made the decision to let Otto go, but this last year with him was made possible by the love and care received from Dr. Jester.
I will miss seeing  Dr. Jester!  Also, if you do go, please take extra treats for her office assistants, Onyx and Koa.  :)    -Adrienne H.





Dr. Becky Jester is amazing. She has helped us nurture two foster Dachshunds back to help. Both of them were paralyzed. With multiple acupuncture treatments both of them started walking again!    - Joanna M.


I met Dr. Becky almost two years ago.  My french bulldog Cyndi has neck issues and she was in a lot of pain even with the medications prescribed by her regular Vet. With just one visit, Cyndi's pain was diminished significantly, after six visits, she was back to her normal playful self without pain meds. Dr. Becky also helped Cyndi (after Cyndi had the nose and soft palate surgery) recover more quickly. She now sees both of our french bulldogs when they need a boost to keep them healthy and active. I highly recommend Dr. Becky for post-surgery treatments and for all of your animals' mobility issues. My pups are happier and healthier thanks to Dr. Becky.   - Michele K.                                                               



Dr. Becky is amazing. 
 Our dog, Teddy was experiencing extreme anxiety. He was climbing our legs, waking us up in the middle of the night, and ran around frantically. We took him to our usual vet who put him on antidepressants, saying that he wasn't in pain, but suffered from anxiety. But, it didn't resolve, and we were exhausted.
 We found Dr. Becky after thinking through our options. She is amazing!!! After just two days on the calming herbal tincture she mixed for us, he was calm, relaxed, and easygoing -- more easygoing than he had been before his anxiety attacks! We took him off his antidepressants, of course. While he is not good with needles, (even the thin cat ones), she uses a laser on him, and that, too, has calmed him. She is so good with him, and that's saying a lot, since our Teddy is the anxious sort! She also recommended that since he isn't good with acupuncture, to reserve our visits to a minimum as there's no need to come for a full appointment and pay the full fee when he's doing so well on the herbal. We appreciate her thoughtfulness!
 Then, our dog, Guinness had surgery for a tumor. Our usual vet gave us the cone and a bandage. After several weeks of him bumbling through our small house, we took off the cone, and he proceeded to lick his wound. It didn't heal, of course. We brought him to Dr. Becky and she gave him acupuncture, which relaxed him completely. Then, she gave him an herbal tincture to increase his immunity and decrease skin reactivity, and something called, Dragonsblood. In just 3 short days, his wound looks almost healed, and he has stopped licking at it! 

 One of the things I really like about her way of practicing is that Dr. Becky stays in the room when she does acupuncture. We had brought Guinness to another vet's clinic and the vet left the room. Dr. Becky pointed out that animals can easily swallow needles, and, in fact, when Guinness was at his appointment, he licked a needle and she swooped in and retrieved it from his tongue: case in point! She is gentle and kind with our dogs, and really easy to talk to.
 If you're looking for a vet who is also an acupuncturist, who has an in-depth knowledge of herbs and remedies, and also a wonderful way with them and their people, look no further! 

 Dr. Becky is nothing short of a miracle and we are so happy to have found her!!!   - Heather S.                                                                                                      

How can I begin to describe the outstanding care that Dr. Becky Jester provides? Quite simply, she gives your pet a better quality of life. Through her unparalleled knowledge, her kind and caring manner and her dedication to her patients well being, Dr. Becky puts her heart and soul into her work.
I trust Dr. Becky with my dogs health and welfare beyond description. In short, if your pet is facing health issues contact Dr. Becky and know that you are placing your pets health in the most qualified hands.   -  Geoff P.                                                                               

Dr. Jester saved our dog!! The very first phone call we had with her was caring and compassionate she told us she could help Caffey. She was very encouraging and she had no doubt she could help her over time. She came to our house the first visit and we were impressed with her all around! We continued to see her for a few months for weekly acupuncture treatments. Every visit Caffey was treated she was getting better with each week that had gone by. Becky is truly AMAZING. We tell everyone about our experience with her. Becky saved Caffey's life. She felt like a family member to us and now that we don't see her weekly we are grateful but miss seeing her.  Thank you Becky for all that you do to help animals in need you are a SHINING STAR when needed most. We love you!!   - Sam M.


Dr. Jester has been working on my pug Otis for about 5 months now for weakness/ loss of sensation to his hind legs after we were told surgery wasn't a good option for him.  After the first visit with her we were blown away by how patient and caring she was with Otis and could tell by the next day Otis was feeling the benefits of the treatment as well, he was much perkier had more stability in his back end and didn't have an accident in the house for the first time in months.  If we go too long without seeing her we can see a major difference in our dogs mobility and comfort level.  To us she has been a godsend, helping us keep our best little buddy as mobile and active as he can be.  Dr Jester really takes a lot of time with appointments, ours have ranged from 1 hour to over 1 and a half hours and Otis actually loves going to see her!  We can't say enough great things about her or her practice!   Jennifer M.

Dr. Jester is amazing!  My 8-year-old pug was immobile due to a sudden injury related to arthritis.  Traditional vet care was not providing relief and he literally would not move.  This had never happened before and I was SO worried.  Dr. Jester fit him into her schedule working late on very short notice.  
He immediately showed improvement and the next day he was walking outside and standing up to drink his water. By the second day his behavior was back to normal!  I am SO grateful.  Thank you, Dr. Jester!   - Jill Y.


Dr Jester is amazing!
Can't believe it worked so well, our 10 year old dog was in really bad shape & we have seen a huge difference within a few visits. Our dog now acts like she is 4 again! Dr Jester was so loving and attentive to our dog it was such a relief to see she cared as much as we did. Highly recommend Dr Jester and her love for animals!   - Terri C.



Dr. Becky Jester is amazing!  Our 15 year old golden retriever, who suffers with arthritis, had suddenly become completely immobile and over the course of a few days was not even able to get up to eat or drink.  Given her age, we assumed the worst.  In an attempt to try everything possible, I called Dr. Jester, who agreed to do a geriatric consult.  Sophie was very relaxed during her initial treatment and seemed very comfortable.  Several hours after her first treatment, Sophie was up and wanting to go outside.  We were shocked!  By the next morning, she was nearly back to her normal self.  After her second treatment a few weeks later, Sophie's condition has continued to improve.  Her gait is steadier than it has been in over a year and she seems much "friskier" and happier.  I would highly recommend Dr. Becky Jester to anyone!  Not only am I impressed with her veterinary skill, but she is also a wonderfully caring and kind person.   - Joni M.                                               

Dr. Becky is very kind, caring and knowledgeable.  I have used her in the past and my Dobermans love her.  I will use her services again whenever needed.  She does so much more than just acupuncture, she shares her knowledge about nutrition, herbs, supplements, and gives suggestions about what you can do on your own for your pet.  She really cares about her patients and it shows.   - Lisa J.

Dr. Jester worked with both of our senior dogs on issues ranging from heart problems to arthritis. Not only was she able to improve their overall quality of life, they had fun!
Massage and petting are part of the treatment, and all dogs love that kind of attention. 

Becky has a tremendous 'bed' side manner and is very professional and knowledgeable. Milo, Scooter, and I were lucky to have met her.   - Dave D.                                                                                                     

Dr. Jester is a super hero in our home.  Saber, our 14year old shepherd/lab mix, was suspicious at first but thanks to Becky's natural way with animals he learned to relax and actually slept through a few treatments.   She helped us diagnose what we thought was an acute shoulder issue to the underlying cause, a chronic injury in his back leg.  Many people  are surprised to find out how old he really is. I really enjoy the  one-on-one time with Becky during the session to ask other questions that I have  about Saber's health and to learn what else I can be doing to keep him healthy  and in good shape.  We are so grateful for her expertise in rehabilitation for  dogs.  She knows the muscles and how they play together and Saber loves the  massage!!  Being a professional in her field, she is bringing the best of  East and West medical practices together.  We love you Becky!!  Woof  Woof!!   - Cheryl G.


With dogs there's no placebo effect, so I know that when my arthritic dog moves more easily after treatment, Dr. Becky has done  something special for him. She often spends extra time with  Milo to make sure he receives the full benefit of her acupuncture and massage  treatments. She shows us techniques we can use to safely keep him comfortable  between her visits. And she's a traditionally credentialed vet who has done  additional training in alternative healing practices, which gives us the confidence that she's always drawing on the best that both Western and Eastern medicine have to offer. Dr. Becky is an extraordinarily kind soul.   - Deb W.


Dr. Jester takes excellent care of our rescued golden retriever who was pushed out of a moving truck. He has severe spine, shoulder, and paw problems, but her gentle, thorough, and highly competent methods bring great relief to our little Milo.   - Marc Z.


Dr. Jester has seen our elderly dog through major back surgery, renal insufficiency as the result of a kidney infection, and  now the cumulative effects of these health issues and being fourteen years old.  We can honestly say that Molly would probably not be with us if it weren't for Dr. Jester. She was there to support us when Molly had a total loss of appetite related to her kidney issues at the same time we had a major human health crisis in our family. Dr. Jester's acupuncture treatments, suggestions for supplements, nutrition advice, and moral support pulled us all through. Thank you Dr. Becky!   - Anne O.


Dr. Becky is awesome.  My cats all love her and she was able to keep my "old man" drug-free for a minor incontinence issue.She is professional, personable and it is obvious that she loves what she does and she does it well.  Thank you for providing a much needed service.  We love you!   - Cindy M.


Dr. Jester is the most knowledgeable animal acupuncturist I have ever worked with.  I brought one of my cats who had a long history of IBS, chronic vomiting, and lack of appetite to her for treatment.  This cat was constantly going on and off of steroids trying to provide him some relief and to regulate his appetite.  After only a few sessions with Dr. Jester,  however, he regained his appetite, stopped throwing up, and came back to a  healthy weight.  Not only is she an expert in her field, but Dr. Jester is also  very kind and personable.  My cat loved her and she made both me and my cat feel completely at ease and comfortable.  Now, whenever my cats have a problem, I prefer to consult with Dr.Jester first.  I cannot more highly recommend her.   - Laura S.


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