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Euthanasia and Cremation Services

Compassionate Care Home Pet Euthanasia
​Dr. Lori Gibson or one of her loving associates will come to your home to help with the end-of-life transition for your animal companion.  They also offer gentle water-based cremation services at their Oregon City office.

Dignified Pet Services 
Located in Tualatin, Oregon, Dignified offers conventional cremation services for your small and large animal companions. 


DoveLewis Pet Loss Support
DoveLewis veterinary hospital in NW Portland offers four one-hour pet-loss support groups monthly as a community service.  They also have a 24 hour message line for bereaved pet owners.





​​Artwork of Cathy Sheeter 
Cathy is a renowned scratchboard artist whose life-like works have won her awards across the country.  Besides offering beautiful original pieces and prints, she creates commissioned work as a keepsake of your companion.    


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