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Dr. Jester received her bachelor's degree from Oregon State University and then continued her education at OSU College of Veterinary Medicine.  After graduating in 2005, Dr. Jester worked in conventional veterinary medicine for two years.  During her second year in practice, she pursued a certification in veterinary acupuncture.  She utilized this knowledge shortly thereafter when exploring the world of veterinary rehabilitation, where she learned some basic rehab techniques and witnessed the healing power of acupuncture in patients who were recovering from musculoskeletal and neurologic injury.  Since that time, Dr. Jester started Natural Healing Veterinary Acupuncture and has received a certification in Western Veterinary Herbal Medicine.  She uses her broad knowledge base to support patients recovering from injury and neurologic disease, and to navigate the effects of aging.  Offering a holistic and loving approach to veterinary care has been her life's work! 

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